Dear Friends:

When I first took office in 2004, it was apparent that until Republicans gained a majority in the House, fiscal and social conservatism in state government would more times than not be something that was only talked about. So  House Republicans and the state GOP, county executive committees, clubs and groups, state-wide elected officials and citizens too numerous to count, made a plan and got to work.  In 2008, we came up one vote short but we persevered.  For the next four years we focused on finding good conservative candidates to run for the House and then on raising the resources necessary to make our case to the people, and in 2012, for the first time since Reconstruction, we gained a majority in the House and elected a Republican, Philip Gunn, as our Speaker.  With Speaker Gunn’s leadership and the efforts the House Republican majority and the leadership of Governor Bryant and Lt. Governor Reeves and the hard work of the Republican led Senate, over the next four years we enacted budgetary constraints that insured that we had a real balanced budget and put money in the bank.  We implemented performance based budgeting and completely stopped the practice of relying on one-time money.  We passed Voter ID and the Attorney General Sunshine Act.  We passed numerous protections for the unborn.  We enacted legislation that expanded personal gun rights and provided protection from continued attempts by the federal government to erode our second amendment rights.  We cleaned up and repealed antiquated and onerous tax laws which were hurting our people and stifling our small businesses.  We implemented education reforms including vouchers for special needs children, charter schools, and the 3rd grade reading gate, and we were reasonable and prudent in funding the education needs of our children.  

As your State Representative.  I do not take this charge lightly and promise you that I will continue to provide you with the level of service and commitment that you expect and deserve.